Home Bargains is selling a water cooler for your pets – and it’s a bargain

HOME Bargains has come up with a way to keep your pet cat or dog hydrated this summer – with a water cooler that they can use themselves.

The discounter is stocking the clever contraption for £2.99 to protect your animals from the 28C heatwaves that are heading towards the UK.

The dispenser can actually be used to hold up to two kilograms of food or two litres of water but not at the same time.

The bowl will automatically fill up when the food or water goes below a certain level.

Then the food or liquid will trickle down and fill it up again, meaning that your pet doesn’t even need you to do it for them.

It’s not the first time that Home Bargains has stocked them – shoppers would have seen the dispensers on shelves two years ago.

Many eager shoppers have already snapped up the deal, sharing pictures on Facebook groups such as Extreme Couponing and Bargaining UK and Money Saver Online.

One customer wrote: “These are fab. Finally stopped our dog from chucking his water bowl around.”