Holly Willoughby screams in terror and Paddy McGuinness is SICK in disgusting Celeb Juice game

HOLLY Willoughby screams as Paddy McGuiness is sick during a disgusting Celeb Juice game in tomorrow night’s show.

The team captains take part in a game thought up by host Keith Lemon, where they are fed unknown food items through a tube, while wearing goggles covered in masking tape.

Keith, 45, begins by showing the studio audience and the celebrity guests what he’s feeding them.

However, he leaves them screaming in disgust as he presents a box filled with “day old scrambled eggs, toast and tea”.

But as he pours the food down the tube, the This Morning presenter gags as it reaches her mouth, causing both her and Paddy to jump away.

However, it seems Keith has other ideas, as he sneaks round the side and forces a spoonful of the old eggs into Paddy’s mouth, which makes him violently sick on stage.

What is that?” screamed Holly, while Paddy asked: “Is it malted milk?”

Holly replied: “It’s a soggy biscuit!”

As the blindfolded pair continued to try and guess what it was, the comedian forced the spoon into Paddy’s mouth – causing him to throw up again.

Earlier this month, Holly was forced to throw her knickers in the bin after a bizarre game while filming the show left them soaking wet

The presenter was challenged to Keith Lemon’s ‘It’s Not Pocket Science’ game, in which she had to stuffs a Full English breakfast down her pockets.

Keith later set the clock timer as Holly tipped four pieces of toast, sausage, beans, tomato, eggs, hash brown, bacon and mushroom down herself.

Being a good sport, she even poured warm tea and juice down her waistband – before throwing her pants away.