Holly Willoughby cries with laughter at naughty pictures innocent kids have drawn

HOLLY Willougby and Phillip Schofield ended up in fits of laughter during a segment on today’s This Morning.

The hosts were presenting naughty pictures that had been drawn by innocent children after mum Vicci Barnhouse revealed her how her daughter’s picture of a slide was mistaken for a penis by nursery staff.

Vicci’s daughter Amelia tried to recreate her memory of a fun school trip to the Brecon Beacons but her phallic-looking slide prompted staff to pull her embarrassed mum in for a chat.

On today’s show Phil and Holly try to talk viewers through some of the best – and innocently rude – hand-drawn pictures.

Before Holly had even started to talk, she tried to hold in her giggles by covering her mouth with her hand.

The first picture showed a drawing from a four-year-old girl who drew her take on Santa delivering presents.

One parent sent in a drawing of her son’s very odd-looking flower, while another shared a drawing of her daughter’s snowman with a very suspect-looking scarf around its chest.

One innocent child had even drawn a picture of his parents in bed – with a hilariously addition of a strange-looking knee under the covers.

The TV King and Queen often end up in stitches during their shows on ITV’s This Morning.

Only yesterday, Holly was in giggles again when Phil made a cheeky knicker-dropping joke about Love Island’s Tom Walker.

Talking about the ITV2 show, the 38-year-old explained: “As events begin to hot up in Casa Amor, we’ve got all the Love Island gossip including an exclusive chat with dumped love islander Tom, who I’ve met before!”

While she didn’t elaborate on when she met the 29-year-old hunk, she got tongue tied as she said: “My draw, jaw nearly hit the floor when I found out.”

Cheeky co-host Phil, 57, picked up on her slip up and said: “Your draw, your drawers dropped?”
As Holly grinned she tapped her chin and said: “Just my jaw.”