Holly Willoughby bursts into TEARS mid-interview with blind football fanatic after revealing he’ll be England’s mascot at Euro 2020

She’s no stranger to an on-air cry.

And Holly Willoughby couldn’t hold back her tears during Tuesday’s This Morning, when she made a little boy’s dreams come true.

She and Phillip Schofield were interviewing 10-year-old Declan Bitmead, who was registered blind in 2015, and informed him he will be taking part in a Euro 2020 England qualifier at Wembley Stadium.

And watching the overjoyed look on Declan’s face, Holly couldn’t help but burst into tears, thrilled to see how happy the young Manchester United fan was with the news.

Phil told Declan: ‘The FA are inviting you to be a mascot for England’s key Euro qualifying 2020 game against the Czech Republic at Wembley on March 22.

And if you fancy this, you’re going to walk out with one of the stars of the Three Lions before the match in front of 90,000 spectators. How does that make you feel?’

An overwhelmed Declan was lost for words.

Enjoy that and send us lots of photos of that day because we want to be part of it,’ Holly said through her tears.

‘You’ve taken it really well, your mum’s taken it really well, but I’ll just get a tissue for Holly!’ Phil said, reaching for a Kleenex for his co-host.

‘I’m sorry!’ Holly said, drying her eyes. ‘It was just your face when we told you, it was just so nice…’

Declan did indeed look thrilled at the news; he will also appear on This Time Next Year on Tuesday evening on ITV.

Declan was seven when a rare condition almost stopped him playing football forever.

In March 2015, he was diagnosed with tonsillitis and prescribed the antibiotic amoxicillin, but a bad reaction to the drug almost ended his life.

He survived, but tragically lost his eyesight and was registered blind – but never gave up his dream of being able to play football again.

His mother Ashleigh also appeared with her son to talk about how he managed to defy the odds to play his favourite game once again.

On Monday, Holly was crying tears of laughter in a very different segment – which saw her pop a prosecco cork and nearly take someone’s eye out live on air.