Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield walk off set after ‘messing up’ seconds into show as Holly blames illness

HOLLY Willoughby and Phillip Schofield walked off the This Morning set after “messing up” seconds into the show.

The hosts struggled to get their words out as they told viewers what was coming up.

Giggling Holly blamed her illness as she confessed to struggling from a blocked up nose and croaky voice.

After Phil mocked her for mispronouncing Sherrie Hewson he suffered a slip of the tongue too.

It led the pair to walk out, leaving the camera pointing at an empty space.

Holly joked: “It’s catching”, as Phil put his hand on her back and took them both off set.

He said: “We can’t speak. Right, that’s it. Thanks for tuning in.”

But their moment off-air was short-lived, as Holly told Phil: “We can’t do that. I know yesterday Gino got away with it, but we can’t do that.”

Yesterday Gino called in sick, leaving Holly and Phil to cause havoc as they cooked on This Morning.

Gino’s absence was revealed earlier in the show as the worried presenters made excuses for the Italian chef.

Panning the camera to the empty kitchen counter, Phil said: “We were hoping that Gino would have your Valentines day dinner sorted in 10 minutes, but he’s not coming because he’s a little bit sick.”

Meanwhile today Holly broke down in tears after becoming overwhelmed by the moment guest Declan was given a special gift.

The ten-year-old – who lost his sight three years ago – will be a mascot for the England football team in 2020.

The This Morning host struggled to contain her emotions after watching his face light up at the thought of hanging out with his heroes on the football pitch at Wembley.