Heatwave to return as Asian super-storm sends heat blast our way in 10 days

A HEATWAVE could return to the UK as an Asian super-storm is likely to send a heat blast towards Britain in just 10 days.

Large parts of Asia are being hit by a tropical typhoon which is heading towards Europe.

If it hits the UK it is likely to bring an end to the heavy rain, flooding and thunderstorms which have caused chaos this month.

One forecaster has claimed blistering hot weather could return just weeks after the hottest ever temperature of 38.7C was recorded in Cambridge.

Liam Dutton, a Channel 4 News weatherman, said the Asian typhoon is likely to bring summer weather back before the end of August.

He posted a 92-second video online which shows how parts of Asia are currently being hit by a tropical storm

His clip reads: “How a typhoon over Asia may bring summer weather back to the UK.

“Tropical storm Krosa is spinning around over the NW Pacific Ocean.