Heartless yob taunts homeless man with air horn in front of laughing pals as disgusted onlookers shout ‘it’s not funny’

THIS is the moment a heartless yob ambushed a homeless man with an air horn as his jeering mates looked on.

Sick footage shows the idiot sneaking up on a street sleeper before leaning in and blasting a klaxon into his ear.

The man recoils in his sleeping bag before cowering in the doorstep as his tormentor cackled in the background.

Disgusted onlookers on the Albion Street, Leeds, yelled “it’s not funny” as the boorish mob congratulated themselves and ran off.

It comes just four months after a homeless man died in Middlesbrough after he was cruelly spray-painted by a yob.

Tragic Michael Cash, 32, was found dead in a cemetery in the town three days after the shocking video of him covered in red paint was posted online.

Vile bully Aaron Jones is heard saying in the footage: “This is how we deal with the beggars on the street” and adding: “He’s not even a beggar. There he is, sprayed to death.”

Jones was confronted outside his home by The Sun Online where he insisted he wasn’t to blame after his victim was found dead.