Heartless bystander IGNORED sobbing rape victim’s cries for help after she was attacked

A HEARTLESS bystander ignored a rape victim’s cries as she screamed for help after she was attacked in the street.

The traumatised woman staggered through Grimsby for about half a mile barefoot, with a man walking straight past her.

Eventually a resident was woken up by her calls in the early hours of Sunday and came to her aid, after she said she was raped by four men.

Martin Fuller told the Grimsby Telegraph: “She was shouting ‘Help me, help me.’ She had no socks or shoes.

“She was screaming that one of them was coming up the street. I said I would throw her a hammer. “There was a bloke in a tracksuit that walked past her and it looked as if he was offering to help her but he just carried on walking past.

“She crossed the road and sat down on the pavement below my flat. She asked if I would ring the police.

“The police arrived quickly. I asked if she wanted a blanket but the police said I wasn’t to go near her in case any of my fibres ended up on her clothing.

“She was wailing. She said four Polish men had taken her out of the pub and she was raped. It was distressing. I didn’t sleep all night thinking about it.”

The victim is thought to be about 30 years old, and shouted for help repeatedly until someone responded.

A neighbour told how she had heard the woman’s screams before the police came, and a cafe owner in the area said this is the second rape in just over a month.

Cops cordoned off the area where the woman said she had been assaulted and have launched a probe.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Calvert said: “We are in the very early stages of the investigation and the woman is receiving support from specially trained officers and assisting us with enquiries.

“Anyone who may have been driving in and around the Freeman Street area, between 3am and 3.30am, and who may have seen a woman in a distressed state, I would urge you to please come forward to assist with the investigation.

“I would ask people to please be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

“We will be increasing patrols in the local area to provide a high visibility policing presence.”

Anyone with any information, or who has any concerns, should call police on 101, quoting log 107 of 14 April 2019.