Heartbroken’ little girl begs wheelie bin yobs to ‘stop killing ducks’


A little girl has been left heartbroken after mindless idiots dumped three wheelie bins in a park lake.

Yaela Crane, 9, spent her Easter holidays dredging the lake of rubbish and putting up posters around the park urging people to recycle their litter in bins.

Despite all her hard work, the posters were ripped down and dumped along with the bins on Monday night.

The bins were full of rubbish that is toxic to wildlife, including detergent, dog waste bags, rotting pet food, takeaway trays and coffee cups, along with plastic bottles and cans.

It’s believed a group of youths dragged the bins a long distance to People’s Park in Grimsby before deliberately hauling them into the water.

Yaela said: ‘They have got to stop this or get out.

‘We don’t want people like that in our park. People want to be able to see the ducks and swans. This is their home. We don’t want them dying.’

Her mum Nicola Bainbridge said: ‘The kids have witnessed so many things in the park, including ducks and swans being massacred over the years.

They visit every day. They designed posters and put them on trees with the help of my brother who lives opposite the park. But even they got dumped.

‘It is such a beautiful park. But people do these awful things. It is constant and is not fair for children to see.’

Councillor Matthew Patrick said he had spoken with officers to ensure the rubbish gets cleared up.

‘It is awful. Parks are open spaces for everyone to enjoy. They are open to people that respect them.

‘I hope that whoever did this can be caught by police. This is the minority spoiling a community space for the majority.’