Hay fever sufferer claims Savers’ 99p gel eye masks provide instant relief for itchy eyes

POLLEN levels have been soaring across the country this week, so if you suffer from hay fever, you’ve likely been struggling with a runny nose and itchy, red eyes.

But one shopper has found some relief and has taken to Facebook to share her tip.

Writing on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group, the shopper wrote: “Tip for hay fever sufferers, these gel eye masks are awesome for putting on your eyes for relief, 99p in savers.”

Posting an image of the product, the eye mask promises to “relieve stress” and “reduce puffiness”.

It also claims to be “non toxic and hypo allergenic”.

And other shoppers couldn’t get enough of the tip, with several mums commenting on the post.

One explained: “Glad I’ve seen this my son’s 8 and he suffers really bad with his hay fever.

“There was one morning where he couldn’t open his eyes at all.”

Another commented: “I have these they are a god send honestly.”

One woman suggested her and a colleague buy some for the office, while others said they were also great for migraines and hangovers.