Gruesome pictures show Katie Price going under the knife for latest round of surgery

KATIE Price has revealed her bloodied and swollen face in a series of gruesome pictures after going under the knife for her latest round “deadly” surgery.

The 41-year-old risked her life by getting her boobs reduced to a D-CUP, her bum lift reversed and another face and eye lift in Turkey last week – just three months after her last round of operations.

The Sun Online has been granted access to the incredibly gory procedures, in a graphic video and series of images showing the mother-of-five being sliced up as she continues her quest to look perfect.

They also feature her boyfriend, Kris Boyson, who opted to get a nose job while he was there after Katie managed to get him a half price deal.

It’s thought Kris would have paid around £1.5 for the op, while Katie had her extensive work done for free.

The shocking images, see the star – who has been warned she will ruin herself for ever- being cut open around her ear lobe.

Her face is seen covered in lines as the doc once again gets to work on her face that she is desperately trying to make tighter.

After the procedure Katie was seen returning to her hotel looking swollen and sore, with a huge bandage around her face.

The TV star appeared to be in a great deal of discomfort as she shuffled out of her car.

Kris meanwhile – who previously slammed Katie for having work done – could be seen with bandages covering his nose, while his eyes appeared sore and bruised.

Speaking about her latest round of work, an insider told The Sun Online: “Katie’s had the fat she had put in her bum in May sucked out, so it’s reduced. She thought it made her look too big

She had a procedure on the sides of her eyes, and another facelift. Katie’s had her boobs reduced too – they’re now a D cup but look bigger because of her tiny back.”

They added: “She never turns down a freebie and that’s why everyone is worried. She’s in terrible pain now, it puts a huge strain on her body with all these surgeries. Every time she takes longer to recover.”

Surgeon to the stars Dr Aamer Khan yesterday warned the mum of five to stop having surgery or she will ruin her looks forever.

Speaking to The Sun Online, the leading cosmetic doctor, who is the co-founder of the prestigious Harley Street Skin clinic, revealed Katie is taking a huge risk by going under the knife yet again.

Katie meanwhile admitted that she will “never stop” having plastic surgery, insisting that she is on a mission to be “perfect”.

Speaking to The Mirror’s We Love TV magazine, Katie said: “I love seeing results after surgery and I will always want to change something else.

“Doesn’t everyone? I love it!”

When asked if she will ever stop having surgery she replied: “No! Haha.”

She added: “I am trying my best to enjoy being the best version of myself. I just always want to be perfect.”