Gogglebox Star Jonathan Tapper Loses Three Stone In 12 Weeks

It’s not easy to lose weight, especially when one of your main activities is paid to sit on the couch watching TV.

But Gogglebox’s Jonathan Tapper has managed to shed an incredible three stone – and he did it in just 12 weeks.

A firm favourite on the Channel 4 show, Jonathan has dropped from 21st 3lb to a much leaner 18st 8lb, after completely changing up his lifestyle.

It’s not really that surprising, but there’s no big secret to his massive loss, or any painful invasive surgery – Jonathan simply made better choices with food and exercise.

The decision to change came after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes – as his day job is a chauffeur, he was behind the wheel through the day, and then would relax on the couch at home, or would be filming Gogglebox in the evening.

In his old life, he would have a fry up in the morning, picking up unhealthy snacks from service stations through the day while he was driving – he’d then get takeaways in front of the TV with his family in the evening.

His new lifestyle sees him eating porridge for breakfast, veggie based dinners and a lighter tea of stir fries or salad. Having gone from eating over 3000 calories a day to around 1800, the weight began to drop off Jonathan.

Jonathan, from North London, said: “I’ve never been one for short-term quick fix diets.

“For me it’s always been about making a lifestyle change not just wanting to lose a few pounds for a special occasion.

“Being a chauffeur, I’d spend the bulk of my day sat behind the wheel getting no exercise.”

He also added that Gogglebox didn’t help his health, explaining: “Filming for Gogglebox could take up to 12 hours a week and that was 12 hours that I was paid to sit around without moving.”

Jonathan started 12-week the musclefood.com Do The Unthinkable plan, which gives him set meals filled with protein and at least three HIIT sessions a week, which he does at home – he doesn’t even need a gym membership.

“Physically and mentally I feel better than I ever have. There’s no going back to my old ways, snacking on crisps and eating high calorie food. I’m going to keep on with the Do The Unthinkable workouts and meals plans and will hopefully see more weight fall off.”

Jonathan has noticed a huge difference in his life, and is well on his way to leading a much healthier and happier way of life.

Bravo Jonathan – you’re looking lean and mean