Girl, 19, spends £130 on McDonald’s in bid to win £100k Monopoly cash prize

A TEENAGE girl spent £130 on McDonald’s food in a bid to win the top £100k Monopoly cash prize.

Saffron Barker, 19, from Brighton, admitted she’d “ripped her bank account” so she could have a chance of winning the jackpot.

In a video posted to her YouTube account, Saffron filmed herself and her pal Grace gulfing down french fries and milkshakes as they ripped off the stickers.

The prizes come with a long list of guilty pleasures, but the pair made sure to get their five a day with some fruit packets and carrot sticks.

Every year, the restaurant gives away millions of prizes, ranging from apple pies to cars and holidays.

This is the first time McDonald’s have put prizes on healthier options including carrot bags and salads, to encourage diners to make healthier choices.

Speaking on her blog, Saffron said: “We’ve written down our list, this is literally going to rip my bank account but you never know it might be worth it from the prizes that we win.

“None of this food is going to go to waste. My family are friends are buzzing off the walls because I’m going to bring them McDonald’s just so I can peel off the stickers.”

Although they had won a number of free meals, as she was enjoying her treats she said “Funfact I’ve never had a McDonald’s burger. The milkshake’s are amazing.

“Have a lucky guess at what’s in my hand; to be fair fruit is actually expensive, so I’m going to save my money and use my fruit bag tokens.”

But as 10 french fries, in their excitement and hope dwindled.

Checking yet another fillet o fish burger, a hugely disappointment Saffron said: “I have won….. nothing”.

The blogger, who was with her friend, was hoping to win the top prize.

But the most she won was a Kindle book for her mum and a few free meals and snacks from the fast foot chain.

She added: “We are a little bit gutted. We don’t recommend anyone doing this.”

Thousands have left comments on the video, with dozens saying the prizes this year are a “let down”.

One commented: “Is it just me or are the mcdonalds prizes like a let down compared to last year. Like last year i won loads of drinks, mcflurries,burgers ect.”

Another social media users said: “I feel like it’s not as easy to win this year on McDonald’s monopoly because I’ve not even won 1 yet.”
Her video has now been shared more than 700,000 times since she shared it last Sunday