‘Genius’ Traveller Puts Wetherspoon Breakfast Into Plastic Security Bag At Airport

A man who was pushed for time at an airport Wetherspoon came up with a ‘next level’ idea, by chucking his whole meal into a plastic bag – the ones designed for liquids to go through security – and I honestly don’t know if this is incredible or disgusting.

Londoner Nathan was flying to Rome from Stansted with his girlfriend and her family, when they decided to grab a quick pre-flight bite to eat, but time makes fools of us all, and when he was presented with the meal, he realised he didn’t have enough time to eat it.

Nathan told LADbible: “We got to the airport, and as is tradition, we headed to the Wetherspoons. I went for the all-day brunch and a pint, but by the time it arrived the gate was about to close so I thought I’d get one of those clear plastic bags, put it in, and take it with me.”

I’m finding it hard to fault his logic…

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Nathan said ‘it tasted fine’. So, there you go.

In fact, maybe this could be a new little side-line for Wetherspoon? Takeaways in security-safe bags at all UK airports.

“I assured security it was less than 100ml and that I had packed it myself,” Nathan added.

A tweet, containing the snaps of Nathan and his meal-in-a-bag, was shared on Twitter by his pal Elliot who was shocked to find it going viral – picking up more than 2,000 retweets and almost 14,000 likes in a couple of days.

Posting the photos from a group chat, Elliot wrote: “Honestly what the fuck am I friends with.”

But overwhelmingly, people seem to be quite on-board with the idea, with social media users heaping praise on Nathan and his quick-thinking, hailing it ‘genius’, ‘incredible’ and ‘next level’.

One wrote: “This is God level.”

While another replied: “I dunno but I need them as my own friend immediately if not sooner.”

Nathan continued: “Some of my friends have said it’s quite ‘on-brand’, I’m not sure how to feel how about that.”

As for his partner and her family, they think his new-found viral fame is pretty funny, albeit a bit weird.

He added: “I think her parents are learning a few things about how the internet works.”