Gemma Collins so stressed she’s grown a huge CYST on her shoulder and fears her teeth will fall out

GEMMA Collins has revealed she has been left so stressed over her Dancing On Ice row with Holly Willoughby that she had to have a huge cyst removed, has been suffering sleepless nights and terrifying nightmares about her teeth falling out.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online’s Big Interview about her week from hell on the skating show, the devastated reality star admitted it has been the worst time of her life and has caused her to suffer from extreme stress, lack of sleep and heartbreak.

Hitting back at the accusations that she napped on set and left the live show early “because she was bored”, the 37-year-old fought back tears.

Gemma reveals lies and jealous bullies behind the scenes have tried to destroy her Dancing On Ice experience – but vows she will not “be broken”.

In her only interview about the scandal surrounding her this week, Gemma said: “In the eight years since starting on Towie I have never had what has happened to me this week.

“I have had nightmares, I have had non-stop dreams about my teeth falling out and when I googled it said it was stress related.

“I have woken up terrified thinking someone was in my house and screaming in the middle of the night.

“I even had a huge cyst removed off my shoulder last week that the doctor said was down to stress.

“This show has become blade wars.”

The heartbroken star, who has dropped two dress sizes after throwing herself into gruelling dance rehearsals for the last four months, alongside skating partner Matt Evers, continued: “People do not realise that I am human and there is only so much I can take, I am quite happy to laugh all the diva stuff off and it’s funny and it’s part of the GC.

“But what happened the last couple of days has been next level and nothing has ever broken me, but this came close.

“The tears have not stopped falling, tensions have been rising, my whole family has been so upset, even my little nephew has been in tears.

“The one person who don’t deserve it is Matt because he works so hard but the severity of it all is I can’t sleep now because I’m having nightmares.

Revealing how the stress and pressure of the show has impacted her life, she said: “It has affected my relationship with James because there has been no time for romance. It’s not good for your love life this show.”

It’s put pressure on the whole family. It’s a negative situation.”

Gemma, who impressed both the judges and viewers in week one when she did the splits, was horrified to learn that Holly publicly condemned her reported backstage behaviour – by saying “there has to be a bit of professionalism that comes into any work you do, just a bit of pride” – after it was claimed she delayed rehearsals by taking a nap.

The Towie star was accused by Love Island’s Kem Cetinay, during a live gossip slot on This Morning, of leaving the studio 25 minutes before the end of Sunday’s live show as she was “bored” and missed 59-year-old actor Mark Little’s exit.

But Gemma says that she was not sleeping, she was backstage with Didi Conn after being told her taxi was outside and not to return to the ice. The public slating has hit Gemma hard because she has struggled to understand why anyone would lie.

She said: “I absolutely love Holly and Phil. I don’t know what went on there, they have been given false information.

“If I was in their position and someone said ‘this girl has left the show, she’s not turned up for rehearsals and that’ I would have said the same thing. I am not blaming Holly, I am not blaming Phil.

“I think deep in their hearts they know it’s not true. Holly said ‘ I love the GC’ and she does. Phil is always lovely to me.

“They are like legends on morning TV. I would never disrespect them or be rude to them. I want to be sitting in their seat that day!”

Gemma is determined to find out who is responsible though, saying: “I feel bad for Kem, I don’t blame him – he says it was on his cue card so I need to find the person who put it on there – I have been like Mulder and Scully on this case!”

However she does admit that she was relieved she wouldn’t have to say goodbye to Mark Little after he told her to “f**k off” earlier in the day after a fight on the ice.

“I asked him how he was [after reports he was sexting another woman behind his wife’s back emerged] because I was being friendly but he took it the wrong way and he just snapped. Then he criticised my weight in an interview and I thought it was a low blow.”

But despite all that, Gemma is determined to keep going and still has dreams of winning the show.

She said: “The hurtful comments that I have had and all the nastiness towards me and Matt when we have worked so hard has been really shocking to the point where I did want to quit because I thought this ain’t right.

“But we are not letting it stop us. I want to prove to everybody that you shouldn’t let anything stop you in life.

“It has not been easy. There have been laughs, and we have had lots of tears this week, but hopefully that will be the end of it. We are not letting it stop our routine.

“I have got an amazing routine this week and I should be buzzing about it but I can’ t because this has really has knocked my confidence.”

But if she can brush it all off by Sunday the GC will be coming back bigger and better than ever, as she teased: “We have got something up our sleeve this week and haters gonna hate because this is going to blow everyone out of the water and it is very, very spectacular.”