Gemma Collins returns to Dancing on Ice training as fans call for Jason Gardiner to be sacked

GEMMA Collins returned to Dancing on Ice training on Monday – hours after her on-air spat with Jason Gardiner.

The reality star, 37, beamed as she made her way to rehearsals following Sunday night’s episode of DOI that saw Jason branded a bully, and fans calling for him to be sacked

The GC completed her look with a £1600 Channel handbag, £300 Louis Vuitton purse and £550 Balenciaga trainers.

One fan said: “Jason is a complete a**e if you are not size 10, in his eyes your’re not worthy to be on the ice… references to Anna Nicole etc is down right rude.

“Its not the fist time he’s been really rude he should be fired… as for Gemma you go girl the man has no balls!”

Another fumed: “Jason should be fired for what he said to her. Its bullying, body-shaming and he is just a nasty piece of work. No matter what she is like off air to do this live on TV and in a national paper is out of order!”

A third started: “You deserve the call out from @missgemcollins last night.

“Hands down to the girl, bullying should never be tolerated!”

A fourth fumed: “Idk if anyone else is watching dancing on ice but one of the judges has just been such a d**** head to Gemma Collins the way he’s just spoke to her, actual disgusting and so hurtful!”

Gemma was lifted in the air on a mock diamond ring while surrounded by other male skaters in her routine, but the judges were not impressed.

Harsh Jason – who scored a 3 said: “Gemma, I know you were channelling Marilyn but we ended up with Anna Nicole Smith and that was because there wasn’t any elegance.

“Like you were saying in the VT, she had to be elegant, she’s a woman who’s in control of her femininity, you were all over the place still.

“As Ashley said, there’s not enough skating content still and this is your second skate now.

“You need to up the ante because we’re not going to see big lifts from you.”

But the comment enraged Gemma who retaliated.

She said: “Can I just say one thing, maybe if you didn’t sell stories on me maybe I wouldn’t have been so upset this week. So take that.”

A defensive Jason retorted: “I don’t have to sell stories, I’m talking about your performance darling.”

Gemma and partner Matt Evers will skate again next week, as EastEnders actor Richard Blackwood was booted off the programme.