Gavin and Stacey filming gives first look at Neil, the baby, as a schoolboy

FILMING for the much-anticipated Gavin and Stacey Christmas special is firmly underway – and we appear to have had our first glimpse at Neil, the baby, all grown up.

New shots of the cast and crew on location in Barry Island have emerged, and three children are front-and-centre in one of the shots.

Appearing alongside Rob Brydon, who is dressed in character as beloved Uncle Bryn, and Stacey Shipman actress Joanna Page are two little girls and one slightly older boy.

The boy appears to be around 11 years old, which would make him the appropriate age to play the character, who was born in the dramatic finale of the sitcom’s second season.

Neil was the result of a steamy affair between Nessa [Ruth Jones] and Smithy [James Corden], and he was named after both of their fathers, with Neil also being Smithy’s first name.

A running gag in the popular show saw the little one repeatedly be referred to as “Neil, the baby”, and fans are desperate to see what he is like in the 10-year reunion episode.

The two girls in the photo could well be the children of the show’s title characters, with the series ending on New Year’s Day 2010 as Gavin [Mat Horne] and Stacey learned that they are expecting a child of their own.

Meanwhile, Ewan Kennedy – who played Neil as a baby almost 10 years ago – was pictured reuniting with James and the rest of the cast as he headed down to the set to say hello.

Comic James looked thrilled to see the little boy, with Ewan’s mum telling Wales Online: “James remembered Ewan.

“We had a chat with James and Ruth [Jones]. They were really pleased to see him and they were reminiscing about when he was little.”

New snaps have also shown Ruth in full-Nessa costume for the first time, with the actress and screenwriter being pictured with the character’s trademark slick, black bob, fishnet tights, and knee-high boots.

Filming for the special saw Gavin and Stacey fans line the streets of Wales as it kicked off yesterday.

All of the key cast members have now been spotted reprising their roles as they shoot on location, with Christmas decorations being put up on the street to set the scene in preparation for its Christmas Day premiere.

The show first aired in 2007 before coming to an end on New Year’s Day 2010.

Earlier this year, screenwriters James and Ruth thrilled fans when they announced that they were reprising the series for a one-time reunion.

Fans are desperate to find out whether Nessa and Smithy have finally realised their true feelings for each other – as well as keen to see what the title characters are like as parents.