Gatwick Airport knifeman ‘warned “I’m going on a massacre” just minutes before he was Tasered by cops

A KNIFEMAN allegedly told a bus passenger he was “going for a massacre” moments before he was Tasered by police at Gatwick Airport.

Dramatic footage obtained by The Sun showed the bearded man being taken down by a cop armed with a 50,000-volt Taser.

Wearing a tracksuit the man – thought to be an ex employee at Gatwick – was stopped after striding through a staff entrance armed with a 10-inch kitchen knife in each hand.

Callum Oldfield, 21, from nearby Crawley, West Sussex, told how he alerted cops after the knifeman told him his warped plan on the 200 bus early yesterday morning.

Callum, who was on his way to his night shift, said: “The man in the video is a neighbour of mine.

“I don’t really know him that well but I recognised him immediately when I saw the video.

“We got on the bus early Monday morning and he just smiled at me and said ‘There’s going to be a massacre. I’m going to kill them all.’

“He said he was going to Gatwick which is the last stop, I got off just before so when I did I just called the police and gave them a description.

The police said I had done the right thing because otherwise it could have been a lot worse. I’m not really a hero I was just doing what I had to.”

The delivery worker added: “He pulled a creepy face, laughing on the bus the way up there on the backseat.

“He had a white cardboard box which must have had the eight-inch knives in.

“I called the police as soon as I got off the bus at Manor Royal – 15 minutes before Gatwick.

“The police said it could have much different outcome if I hadn’t called.”

The man strode through a security area in the South Terminal holding two blades, sending staff fleeing for safety in the early hours of yesterday morning.

CCTV shows the bespectacled bearded man walking past a stunned male and female guard who step out of the way.

Another woman just ahead of him jumps back as the thick-set knifeman strides purposely past towards the departure gates.

Seconds later he is seen walking back towards security holding both six-inch blades in front of him, as he challenges two police officers – one armed with a Taser the other with a machine gun.

The man then throws both knives to the floor but carries on moving aggressively towards both cops, and as he appears to reach inside his pocket he is brought crashing to the ground by a 50,000-volt Taser shot.

A black mystery object, possibly a radio, is then seen on the ground before being kicked away by one of the cops who are then joined by two colleagues.

The man is rolled onto his stomach and then cuffed – with the Taser cable still clearly attached to him – as two officers stand over him pointing their weapons at him.

Both knives are bagged up by a fourth officer wearing gloves who also picks up the object that fell from the man’s pocket.

In a statement Sussex Police said they had responded to an incident in the South Terminal at Gatwick Airport around 2am on Monday 3 June.

They added: “A man has been arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon (knives) and making threats to kill, and remains in police custody.”

Police later confirmed they were not treating the incident as terror-related.

Passenger Adam Ross tweeted: “Gatwick just been evacuated due to a ‘life threatening’ situation Police everywhere.”

He added: “Amazing response from emergency services for sure.”

Another traveller Hayley Wilkins said:”We had just landed and were waiting for our baggage when we saw two men in high viz jackets running past us.

‘Then there was an announcement to say ‘all passengers and staff to exit immediately this is a serious incident’ but we had no idea what was going on.

”At first we thought it was a fire and then I overheard one of the staff saying it was a ex employee who had come back with two knives and lives were in danger.

”I heard one of them say the knifeman was out to kill. I must say though the airport staff were brilliant.”

Gatwick Airport said the airport was temporarily evacuated but is now operating normally.

The airport refused to comment on suggestions the man may have worked there but said the airport was temporarily evacuated but reopened less than an hour later with no impact on flights.

Sussex police confirmed the incident was not terror related and added: ”A 30 year old man from Crawley has been arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon (knives) and making threats to kill, and remains in police custody.”

Superintendent Justin Burtenshaw said:”Officers at Gatwick are there to keep passengers and staff safe.

“This incident was dealt with swiftly and no members of the public or police were harmed.”