Gangs target ‘up to 100 drunk tourists a night’ in Brit hotspot crime wave

MAGALUF “mafia” gangs are reportedly targeting up to 100 boozed-up Brits a night with “bearhug” robberies.

Eight Senegalese nationals, aged between 20 and 36, were arrested for robbery in a crackdown on the spate of muggings in the Calvia district.

One tourist was rushed to hospital after he was injured defending himself as he was threatened with a bottle.

The council says the gangs use the so-called “bear hug” technique or violent shoving.

Working in pairs, one approaches a holidaymaker and gets them in a vice-like grip from behind while his accomplice steals possessions, including jewellery, mobile phones, wallets and watches.

Another member of the group acts as a lookout.

Police also found a device for the extraction of SIM cards.

The muggings happen late at night or in the early hours of the morning and tourists who appear to be very drunk or affected by drugs are the main targets.

In order to step up security in the area, Civil Guard officers are moving into the Magaluf area and will be based at the municipal tourist information office near the main nightspots.

Local media says the Punta Ballena area is “a paradise for sub-Saharan mafias” who on one night alone can commit 100 robberies and thefts from tourists.

One businessman said: “They are real specialists in stealing. They do it in a matter of seconds and most victims don’t report it.”

The newspaper says this time last year, the problems were being caused by prostitutes who were robbing tourists.

Now they are being replaced with street vendors and there could be up to 70 out at any one time.

They said: “At dawn, the same vendors become expert thieves.”
Locals say the security forces are unable to cope as “there are robberies or fights every moment.”

Last year, the Sun Online revealed the inside world of a vicious 50-strong prostitute gang that preys on drunk British tourists in Magaluf.

African women, locked into a life of crime by voodoo spells cast by their traffickers, ply men with sex while mugging and pick-pocketing.

The West African women’s crime spree is being blamed for an alarming drop in tourist numbers in the town now dubbed Muggerluf.

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The Sun also revealed last year how cocktail vendors on the beaches of tourist spots in Spain stored their ingredients in filthy drains.

Shocking footage shows officers in Barcelona lifting manhole covers to reveal bottles, towels, straws, ice and glasses stored underground in putrid conditions.

The sellers flog the cocktails for around £5 each on the city’s beaches but officers are now cracking down on the illegal trade, putting thirsty tourists at risk of falling ill.