Furious mother removes daughter from nursery after ‘savage attack from another child left her with horrific BITE marks’

A two-year-old girl who was reportedly bitten by another child leaving her with horrific cuts and scratches has been withdrawn from a nursery by her mother.

Grace Moriarty said her daughter Dainé-Rose was left ‘hysterical and red in the face’ after the incident at the Birmingham nursey.

The 33-year-old mother said her daughter suffered bite marks on her forehead, ear and nose as well as cuts and scratches to her eyes and lips.

The Wendy House Nursery confirmed the ‘unfortunate isolated incident’ and said it had been fully investigated.

Mrs Moriarty, 33, wrote on Facebook: ‘To say we’re angry is an understatement.

We have never got any answers as to what actually happened to her because no-one can tell us and it’s so hard to get closure.’

It happened last July but has only now been made public after Mrs Moriarty published a Facebook post amid a wrangle over childcare vouchers, which has now been resolved.

Mrs Moriarty said she held several meetings with the nursery and agreed to let Dainé-Rose return to the venue on days when the other child was not there. But eventually the toddler’s parents decided to remove her.

She said: ‘I’m really mad at myself now but they were telling me everything I wanted to hear.

‘At that time, I felt that if I put her in somewhere else, she would have to go somewhere new all over again.

‘I thought maybe something like that could happen at another nursery and if I left her where she was, she would be watched constantly because of what happened.

‘I thought they would be scared to let her out of their sight.’

‘(But) it just didn’t sit right with me. I just wasn’t happy with her being there.

‘I became anxious about leaving her with anyone other than my family.

‘I just kept thinking of her. She would have been crying for me and I wasn’t there to protect her like I should have been.’

Mrs Moriarty received telephone counselling from the Healthy Minds therapy service.

She said: ‘I just needed to speak to someone about how I was feeling. I just found it really difficult to live with.

‘We were just so upset with what happened. We felt that it was not handled correctly at all and we didn’t really want to go public with it but we felt like we had no choice.

I am just so sad that it came to this.’

Having been rated ‘inadequate’ at its previous inspection in August 2018, The Wendy House received a ‘good’ rating from Ofsted in its most recent check in January 2019.

Inspectors said: ‘The leadership and management team has taken significant and swift action since the last inspection. Children are provided with good-quality care and learning experiences.’

In a statement, the nursery said: ‘This was a very unfortunate isolated incident dating back nine months, involving two children under three where one child was severely bitten by the other.

‘It was reported immediately by The Wendy House to Ofsted and the local authority and was fully investigated at the time. The nursery also worked closely with both sets of parents.

‘It has always been the nursery’s policy to be transparent with the authorities and parents.

‘The nursery management team has worked very closely with the local authority’s safeguarding officer in the intervening months to review safeguarding arrangements at the nursery.

‘The Wendy House has been trading for over 12 years, therefore it is disappointing that this isolated incident is being raised on social media long after the matter has been closed by the authorities.’