Freddie Starr’s daughter arrives at legendary comedian’s funeral

FREDDIE Starr’s daughter has been pictured arriving at the iconic comedian’s funeral in Liverpool.

Tara Coleman-Starr is saying goodbye along with Freddie’s family and friends at Prescot Parish Church St Mary’s this afternoon.

He died aged 76 of a heart attack in Spain last month.

His coffin had the words of Elvis’ 1962 hit Return to Sender on one side, with “Liverpool legend” on the other.

The Elvis track is one of the songs Freddie covered on his 1981 Spirit of Elvis album.

Fans wore red and lined the streets outside the church this afternoon in tribute to his Teddy Boy jacket

Several celebrities are attending, including spirit medium Derek Acorah.

Canon John Taylor, who is leading the service, described Freddie as “an outstanding talent and a comic genius”.

His daughter Ebony said: “You’ve always been there for me, and always will be even though you’ve left me unexpectedly.”

Ahead of today’s service, Michael Fogg Family Funeral Directors wrote on Facebook: “Today we conduct the funeral for Freddie Starr.

“To have cared for one of this country’s best Entertainer’s has been such a privilege I can’t put it into words.

We will be leaving our funeral home in Sheffield at 09.15 And making our way to Liverpool to lay Freddie to Rest with his beloved mother.

“Rest in peace Freddie and THANK YOU for everything”.

Two of Freddie’s ex-wives – Donna and Sophie – along with some of his six children are in attendance.