Football thugs young family forced out of home in fear of their lives

The Aston Villa midfielder was punched by Paul Mitchell during the first half of Aston Villa’s win at Birmingham

The family of the man who attacked Jack Grealish during the Second City derby have been forced to flee their Birmingham home “in fear of death”.

Paul Mitchell, 27, ran on the pitch and punched Grealish during Aston Villa’s win over Birmingham City at St Andrew’s on Sunday.

Grealish was knocked to the ground by the impact of the attack before several of his teammates came to his aid.

Mitchell was led from the pitch and blew kisses to the home support. He was later arrested and has appeared in court this morning.

His solicitor, Mr Whistance, confirmed his family had been forced out of their home following the incident. Mitchell and his partner have a two-year-old and are expecting another child.

This is a high profile case, captured on national television,” Mr Whistance said in court.

“My client’s young family have had to leave their home and move out of Birmingham in fear of serious harm or death.”

Grealish dusted himself off to have the last laugh as he struck Villa’s second-half winner to complete a famous derby double over their most fierce rivals.

There have been calls for Birmingham to be punished after the incident, with Alan Shearer calling for the Blues to play behind closed doors.

“Absolutely disgusting, I think they should have the harshest possible punishment, that means a points deduction or play behind closed doors because someone is going to get hurt, either a player or an official,” said the pundit.