Family’s dream Easter holiday to Spain ruined after they arrived to find the pool and bar were SHUT

A FAMILY’S dream Easter holiday to Spain was ruined after they arrived to find the pool and bar were SHUT.

Stephanie Barber, 35, had booked the last-minute holiday for her two kids and mum to make the most of their break.

She booked the Hotel Marisol in Calella, Spain through loveholidays on April 14 and flew out on Wednesday with her son Riley, nine, daughter Felicity, eight, and mum Lynn.

The two-star hotel’s website advertises its most popular facilities are a pool and bar, but does not provide images.

The mum, from Taplow, told The Sun Online: “I know it was a budget hotel, but all the reviews sounded good. It said the rooms were basic but alright to sleep in.

“As soon as we checked in the kids asked about the pool – that is what they were most excited about.

“The guy behind the desk said there is no pool. He explained the hotel is under new management and the pool has closed.”

Even if the pool was open, Stephanie found out it wasn’t on site.

The childminder added: “The pool is also not connected to the building, you have to walk up the road to get to it. It’s not even attached to the property.”

They discovered the bar, which photos online show it is lit with neon purple lights, was also shut.

Stephanie said: “My mum went to explore and found the bar completely closed and non-operational. We were told it was seasonal.”

The mum immediately called loveholidays and was told bookings on their site are nonrefundable.

Stephanie said: “The woman said they had to contact the supplier and then the supplier needs to get a call back from the hotel to find out where the fault happened before getting my money back.”

Six hours after touching down in Spain, Stephanie had moved her family to another hotel that did have a pool and was 25 minutes away – before she was able to find out if she’d be refunded.

The family had to stay in two separate rooms because all the family rooms were booked for the Easter weekend.

The mum said 48 out of her 72-hour holiday was spent on the phone with loveholidays and away from her kids.

She was issued a full refund on Saturday – the same day she flew back to the UK – and the travel firm said they will not give her compensation.

Stephanie said: “The cost side of things have been on my mind. I paid £246 for the first hotel and £277 for the second one, that’s about £500 I spent before I got my refund.

“It put a dampener on the time I was away, I had to think about how much I could spend on my kids while on holiday.

“Do I buy them two ice creams, or do I have them share one?

“It’s also the cost of the phone calls, the time I’ve been on the phone and the cost of the taxis.”

Stephanie said it was clear that what was advertised online was not the reality.

She added: “We were looking for a budget holiday, but it advertised there was a pool, games room and a bar.

“My kids managed to still have a good time. They definitely made use of the pool in the second hotel.

“They liked the games room. They played air hockey and made some friends.

If they had just issued a refund straight away then that would have been fine and I could have just got on with my holiday.

“I don think their procedure is the best for customer service. I’ve had to chase them all of the way.”

The Sun Online has approached loveholidays and Hotel Marisol for comment.