Explosions’ heard as huge plume of black smoke rises over city

Dramatic photos capture huge plumes of thick smoke bellow from a city centre after reports of explosions.

Residents in Derby say they’ve heard three explosions in the last hour.

Pictures shared on Twitter show smoke rise across Derby from what it appears the city centre.

Some have reported one explosion occurred in a factory, but this is unconfirmed. Train services have been delayed.

Others on Twitter reported the ground shook in the city centre.

“Crowds are gathering to see the plumes of smoke which are visible for miles around,” wrote one person online.

A spokesperson for East Midlands Trains said: “There is a fire next to the track north of Derby Station. Services on our London St Pancras/Derby/Sheffield and Matlock/Derby/Nottingham routes are currently disrupted. More information to follow.”

The fire is believed to have happened north of Derby station. There is a large industrial unit – West Meadows – in the area.

The game is unaffected as yet.

But Pride Park is a short walk from the train station.