Ex-soldier who served with Prince Harry ‘strangled’ in street as 20 witnesses do nothing

An ex-serviceman who served with Prince Harry says he is ‘disgusted’ no one called 999 as he was ‘strangled’ by a stranger in an unprovoked attack.

James Wharton says around 20 witnesses stood by and did nothing as he was left to fend for himself.

He said it happened after he looked at the stranger ‘the wrong way’ as he walked to work at 9am.

Recalling the terrifying attack James said: ‘What is wrong with society? I’m disgusted nobody gave a f***

‘There were easily 20 people in the street all around me. Not one came to help me. Not one.

‘Even the window cleaner at one of the shops didn’t fuss himself with me being strangled in front of him on the floor.’

His assailant even continued attacking him when he was on the phone to West Midlands Police and ran off before officers arrived.

James, 32, originally from Wrexham, north Wales, added: ‘Apparently I looked at him the wrong way.

‘Where I come from, if you see some behaving aggressively in the street at passersby, you’re liable to look at them a bit funny.’

James walked away as the man hurled insults at him and things got violent when he took a picture of his tormentor on his phone to pass to police.

He added: ‘I took a picture of him because I was sure as hell going to report what I’d seen and had to endure.

‘I was thrown to the floor, my phone was taken off me, he slapped my glasses off my face, he strangled me.’

The ex-serviceman made the headlines in 2013 after revealing Prince Harry saved him from an homophobic attack involving six fellow soldiers.

After he fled he found Harry, who was then his tank commander – and told him he feared he was going to be ‘murdered’ by his attackers.

He says the Prince told him: ‘Right, I’m going to sort this s*** out once and for all,’ and warned the gang they’d be disciplined if they carried on with their threats.

In the 11 years James lived in London he was only mugged once – in the middle of the night at a cashpoint.

But this is the second time he’s been attacked in the middle of the day in Birmingham city centre in the 18 months he’s lived in the West Midlands.

James, who works for the Birmingham LGBT charity, was sent a string of supportive messages after sharing his story on Twitter.

One of his well-wishers was a man who believed he had been confronted by the same person.

He told him: ‘Brum isn’t a bad place but there are one or two bad eggs that let us down.

‘I have come across this individual as well who wanted to fight with me.’

The ex-serviceman was a member of the Blues and Royals regiment of the Household Cavalry and was among Britain’s first openly gay soldiers.

He escorted the Queen to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and served with Prince Harry in Canada.

After leaving the forces in 2013 he wrote a book about his experiences called Out in the Army, My Life as a Gay Soldier.

West Midlands Police say they are investigating the attack which took place on Monday.

The force added: ‘The victim was grabbed around the neck by a stranger; he was not hurt.

‘The offender ran off and enquiries are under way.’