Evil mum of Baby P given £14,000 in legal aid as she fights to see her other children

THE evil mum of tortured toddler Baby P was given £14,000 in legal aid as she fought to see her other children, it was revealed last night.

Tracey Connelly – who allowed her 17-month-old son to be tortured to death – received the funding as she begged for access to her three teenage daughters.

She was eventually allowed to write to her girls but remains barred from seeing them after a ruling in December.

That came after a series of funding grants from the Legal Aid Agency totalling £14,194.01 since she was jailed in 2009, the Mirror reports.

A Freedom Of Information request revealed that she got£1,481.08 in 2012 and 2013 for help with child access hearings.

Vile Connelly, 38, was freed on licence in 2013 but was jailed just 18 months later later for selling indecent photos of herself to pervs online.

She then got £12,422.53 for Special Children’s Act hearings in 2016, the figures revealed.

The cost to the taxpayer was slammed by victims’ rights campaigner Harry Fletcher.

He was appalled that she got funding while victims of the London Bridge and Manchester Arena terror attacks did not.

Mr Fletcher said: “Time and time again perpetrators are given legal aid often for quite spurious reasons yet victims are denied the same equality and have to raise the money themselves.

“This is clearly wrong and must be addressed by politicians.”

The Legal Aid Agency said: “Removing a child from a parent is very serious, that’s why legal aid is available to anyone facing this possibility.”

Connelly is hoping to be freed this year as she prepares for a fresh parole bid – for which it’s believed she’ll get further legal aid.

The monster has even offered to take a lie detector test as proof she won’t reoffend after her release from top security Low Newton prison in County Durham.

Her previous attempts to be released in 2015 and 2017 were both blocked.

She is said to have started a new relationship and hopes that will help her application.

The heartless mum let baby Peter – initially dubbed Baby P by the courts – suffer fatal abuse at the hands of lover Steven Barker and his paedo brother Jason Owen.

The helpless child suffered more than fifty injuries inflicted over an eight-month campaign of torture.

During that time little Peter was seen by hapless NHS medics and child welfare officials from the London Borough of Haringey.

Connelly was jailed indefinitely – while Barker got 12 years and Owen was handed a six-year sentence.