Evil mum let her son, 3, starve to death then hid his skeleton like a ‘Halloween decoration’ in the attic

A THREE-year-old died a slow and painful death after his evil mum left him outside in a playpen to starve.

Raquel Barreas, 44, singled little Roman from his siblings and after he died she stuffed his tiny body in the attic of their home in Arizona.

Heartbreakingly, he was only discovered when the landlord was cleaning the property out and mistook his skeleton was a Halloween decoration.

Roman was forced to live outside with no food or water between spring 2013 and January 2014, which resulted in him dying of malnutrition.

The tot’s remains were only discovered when Barreras moved out of the rental property in Tuscon.

The landlord, Marl Weisbord and his family were cleaning the building when they came across the bones dumped in a trunk.

At Barreras’s trial earlier this week, prosecutor Virginia Aspacher told jurors: “It took Roman a long time to die.
“It took him a long time to starve to death.

“Raquel, who is currently a first-degree murder suspect was “overwhelmed by addiction, poverty and depression.”
Her defense lawyer Cynthia Yializis said: “She was not a good mother, but she did not want her son to die.”
Roman’s father, Martin Barreras was ‘indifferent’ according to Ms Yializis.

She said that he should also be held accountable.

Ms Yializis says both knew Barreras was incapable of raising children because of her drug problem, but her husband allowed her to move back in and care for the children anyway.