Evil mum, 28, burns son, 4, and daughter, 1, alive inside their home after ‘getting fed up with them’

AN EVIL mum, 28, has allegedly burned her four-year-old son and baby daughter, one, alive inside their home after “getting fed up with them”.

The heartless woman locked the front door preventing the youngsters from leaving the house as she allegedly watched them being burned alive, say reports in Russia.

She has been arrested in Russia after deliberately dousing her house with petrol and setting it alight, say cops.

The four-year-old boy burned to death in the fire, while his 18-month-old sister was rescued by a neighbour and rushed to intensive care in a critical condition.

According to police, the mum, who cannot be named for legal reasons, decided to kill her youngsters after her husband refused to place them in an orphanage.

On the day of the tragedy, the couple had again quarrelled over the children at home in the village of Barakhoyevo in south-central Russia.

After their row, when her husband left for work, the woman started drinking vodka, local media reports say.

At lunchtime, instead of feeding her hungry, crying children, the drunk woman doused the furniture and floor in their wooden house with petrol and set it alight.

She then ran outside and locked the front door to prevent her children from leaving the deadly trap.

Reports say the flames quickly spread inside the house and black smoke started seeping outside through cracks in the old window frames.

A 16-year-old neighbour reportedly noticed the smoke and rushed to the scene.

Victor Nechaev, the village mayor of the village, told the local media: “The guy broke a window and got inside the house.

“He heard the girl who was crying in the room and found her lying on the bed.

“[The man] picked her up and carried her out through the window.”

After saving the girl, the teenager returned into the torched house for her brother, but could not find him.

The terrified boy had hid under the couch and apparently lost consciousness after being poisoned by toxic gases produced by burning gasoline and wood.

His burned remains were later found by firefighters under the sofa after they had extinguished the blaze.

The girl was rushed into intensive care and diagnosed with burns to 25 per cent of her body. She is reported to be fighting for her life.

Some neighbours who witnessed the accident said: “The mother was just standing near the house and watching it burning. She did nothing to try and save her children.”

The woman was arrested at the scene and taken into custody.

She has allegedly confessed in full.

During police interrogations, the mum allegedly said that “she decided to kill her children because she was fed up with them”, according to local media.

She also reportedly said that “she regularly asked her husband to place their children in an orphanage and he refused to do so”.

Investigative Committee (Russian police) spokesman Egor Markov said: “A criminal case on murder and attempted murder was initiated against the woman.

“The suspect was remanded in custody for two months. The investigation is ongoing.”

The mother faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.