Evil mum, 24, ‘buried crying newborn daughter alive’ moments after giving birth

A MUM has been arrested for allegedly burying her newborn baby daughter alive just after giving birth.

The 24-year-old woman reportedly buried her child in the backyard near her house in the village of Lipetskoe in Podilskyi District in southern Ukraine’s Odessa Oblast region.

According to police, the mother delivered a healthy baby girl who weighted 4.2 kilograms (9.2 lbs) at home.

But just after giving birth, the mother allegedly put a plastic bag on the baby’s head to avoid seeing her face.

After that, the woman was said to have cut the umbilical cord and put her baby into another bag.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, took her now crying newborn daughter and went in the backyard, police say.

There the woman dug a pit, tossed her child into it and buried it alive.

The mum reportedly then returned to the house and lay down on the bed because she felt ill.

Her sister living in a neighbouring house came to check on her an hour later and found her suffering from a high fever and severe stomach pain.

In hospital she was examined but tried to trick medics saying that she was six months’ pregnant and had a miscarriage.

Podolsk Regional Hospital spokeswoman Svetlana Sergeevna said: “She was nervous and her story was suspicious so we called the police.”

During an interview with officers, she reportedly revealed where she had buried her baby.

But a forensic medical examination revealed the mother had a full-term pregnancy and the little girl was alive after being delivered.

According to forensics, the newborn girl suffocated. Confronted with this fact the mother reportedly confessed in full.

She allegedly told police: “The baby was born alive. She was crying.

“I put a plastic bag on her head and cut the umbilical cord.

“Then I wrapped her in cloth and put it into another plastic bag. Then I buried her.

“She was alive when I was burying her.”

During the interrogation a detective asked the mother why she buried her newborn child and it was claimed she replied: “I did not want this baby.”

Detectives allege the woman had planned the murder.

According to them, she did not register her pregnancy in a local hospital and hid it even from relatives.

The woman, who has an 18-month-old son, was charged with premeditated murder and put under house arrest.

She faces five years in prison if found guilty.

The investigation is ongoing.