Evil foster mum starved and drugged her son for eight years to claim £50,000 benefits

AN EVIL foster mum starved and drugged her son for eight years to claim £50,000 benefits to splurge on luxuries.

Lyubov Korotkova forced Valery Kandaurov, 11, to live in “grave” medical conditions for eight years and hid her scheme from husband Andrei.

Valery’s malnutrition was so severe he weighed the same as a four year old child.

Korotkova had forcibly reduced his weight by starving him of food and plying him with drugs to “build up the clinical manifestation of a stomach disease”.

She also home schooled the boy, so he was never seen by teachers.

Svetlana Petrenko, of the Russian Federal Investigative Committee said: “The malnutrition was so severe that the 11 year old boy had the weight of a four year old child.”

“For eight years she deliberately was not feeding her fostered child in order to register him as disabled and receive benefits and sickness payments.

“During all these years the woman was seeing many different doctors with her child, asking them to check him for multiple diseases, including cancer.

As a result, the doctors – who were cheated – could not pinpoint the right diagnosis.”

Initially local officials Magadan did not believe the allegations against the “heroic” woman and staged a public campaign to have the boy returned to Korotkova.

She pleaded guilty but was convicted of the “intentional infliction of a grave injury, to a minor (leaving him) in a helpless state.”

She must now pay this money back in full and hand over more than £8,000 in “moral damages” to the child who was removed from her care as soon as her cruelty was exposed.

The boy is now being cared for permanently by Svetlana Suleimanova, a psychologist who treated him immediately he was freed from his life of hell with Korotkova and flown 3,800 miles to Moscow.