Emmerdales’ Bob Hope DIES after sleeping rough in devastating scenes?

Emmerdale viewers will be fearing for Bob’s life after Harriet makes a shocking discovery on the park bench

Emmerdale’s Bob Hope appears to be DEAD in a shocking scene from next Thursday’s episode.

Poor Bob has lost everything and been kicked out of the B&B, leaving him penniless and homeless.

He spends a night in the Woolpack cellar but decides it’s too risky an option after nearly being caught out by Chas and Charity Dingle.

With no options left, Bob is forced to bed down for the night outside in the freezing cold.

Harriet Finch grows concerned for her friend and makes a shocking discovery down by the footbridge.

Just moments after leaving him a voice message she spots someone in a sleeping bag on the bench.

Harriet is stunned when she realises that it’s Bob lying lifeless in the cold conditions.

The vicar can’t wake unconscious Bob and he shows no signs of life.

His face looks blue and it’s not looking good for poor Bob.

“Oh god no. Bob wake up. Oh god. Bob,” she cries while trying to stir him.

Harriet phones and ambulance and tells the operator she can’t find his pulse.

She says: “I can’t feel anything, my hands are so cold. I’m sorry I should be able to do this.”

He’s my friend. He’s been outside, maybe all night. He’s blue and he’s cold.”

Is this really the end for Bob Hope?

*Emmerdale airs on Monday on ITV at 7pm