Emmerdale viewers horrified as Cain Dingle brutally attacks wife Moira

UNHINGED Cain Dingle brutally attacked his wife Moira on tonight’s Emmerdale – leaving viewers open-mouthed with horror.

On-edge Cain told daughter Debbie that he killed Joe, causing her to pack her bags and leave, raging: “Joe is dead, just like you are to me.”

That proved to be the last straw for Cain, who is played by Jeff Hordley, with the mad mechanic going on a furious rampage.

After hurling the fruit bowl – leaving oranges and furniture scattered all over the room – he grabbed poor Moira and slammed her up against the fridge.

It seemed to be only the perfectly-timed arrival of Matty Barton that stopped him from going further.

However, Matty too bore the brunt of Cain’s fury, getting roughed up himself – before Cain punched his hand through a wall.

Emmerdale viewers were horrified, with one writing: “Disgusted in cain attacking moria hate this s**! He needs to get a grip and fast!!”

Another tweeted: “Cain, you are out of line. That’s domestic abuse. Its absolutely unforgivable 😡.”

A third pointed out: “Cain needs to find out he didn’t kill Joe before it destroys him & his family 😔.”

One other raged: “Cain is on a self destruct mode and i hate it.”

Cain was left devastated after Debbie announced: “I don’t want my daughter living with a killer”, then telling Moira: “As far as I’m concerned, he’s not my dad.”

Even Moira has finally had enough of her husband too, telling him at the close of the episode: “I’m done, Cain.”

Uh oh. It looks very much like Cain has now lost the support of both the women in his life.