Emmerdale fans disgusted as Maya BEDS Jacob and plead with the ITV soap to end grooming storyline

EMMERDALE fans saw Maya Stepney finally bed teen Jacob Gallagher tonight as they begged the soap to end its grooming storyline.

Viewers watched teacher Maya climb on top of Jacob, 16, and tell the schoolboy “Happy Birthday” tonight as she finally bedded her boyfriend David’s son.

But tweets poured in from outraged people at home, who complained over the explicit scenes that have been teased for weeks.

One fan groaned: “Sick of the maya amd Jacob storyline…. Pedophile teacher groom him for a year until he’s of age get her caught already”

One more agreed and said on Twitter: “This weird storyline gives me the creeps! Hope ends soon!”

Another added: “Emmerdale time folks jakey and Maya is annoying me #Emmerdale”

As another viewer said: “David is so stupid #emmerdale or is he blind”

The despised Emmerdale villain almost bedded Jacob last week.

There’s not been any official comment from the people over at Emmerdale about what will happen to Maya when she’s eventually caught.

She’s been subtly grooming her boyfriend’s teenage son for months – when she gets found out.

Fans were outraged during scenes where Maya tried to seduce Jacob on his 16th birthday. She told him that her present for him was something that needed to be unwrapped rather than wrapped, leaving viewers cringing.

She then arranged to meet the schoolboy in the summerhouse to give him his gift but was stunned when she saw him there with his cover-girlfriend Liv Flaherty.