Emmerdale fans convinced Leyla will KILL paedo teacher Maya for abusing schoolboy Jacob in soap’s ‘dark night’

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Leyla Harding will KILL paedo teacher Maya Stepney for abusing her schoolboy son Jacob Gallagher in soap’s ‘dark night’.

Earlier this week, The Sun’s TV Biz revealed how a lot of the cast will go on a night out that will change their lives forever.

Victoria Barton will be raped, another character will be stabbed and evil Maya will finally be exposed over her relationship with pupil Jacob.

The ITV soap released a gritty trailer to tease fans over the huge episode, at one point showing a glamorous Leyla furiously smashing up a mirror.

This left many fans convinced it was a clue to her murdering Maya for abusing her son.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Imagine if Tracy & Leyla drag Maya’s body into the fire #emmerdale #TheBigNightOut.”

Another added: “I think Maya is in a whole lot of trouble Leyla is raging a woman possessed.”

A third agreed, writing: “I bet Leyla will kill Maya.”

They weren’t alone in their thoughts, as another tweeted: “Imagine if Tracy & Leyla set out to hurt Maya and end up killing her?! #emmerdale #TheBigNightOut.”

A fellow fan of the show added: “I hope leyla kills maya.”

One viewer shared a number of theories about the trailer, writing: “Emmerdale theories – Leyla smashing the mirror represents her beating Maya/possibly killing her.

“Either Billy or Ellis will get stabbed (maybe one by the other) but will survive. We know what’s happening to Vic.
“The new guy will be involved in something maybe the Vic thing.”