Emily Andre stokes Katie Price feud with shock revelation about children’s futures

Katie branded her ex-husband Peter Andre a “hypocrite” for banning their children Princess and Junior from her TV show

Emily Andre has spoken about the possibility of her daughter getting into showbiz as Katie Price branded ex Peter a “hypocrite”.

Katie lashed out at Peter, with whom she shares kids Junior, 13, and Princess, 11, during an appearance on Good Morning Britain today.

She’s unhappy that Peter won’t let the children appear alongside her on her reality show, and said she wanted people to know the reason they’ll be missing from upcoming scenes.

Speaking on the ITV show, Katie said: “So I’m doing my reality show at the moment and I’m actually really cheesed off with Pete, I’m not asking you to comment because you can’t be biased.

So people are going to be watching my show wondering ‘Where is Junior and Princess?’ He won’t allow me to film with them, he won’t allow me to do photo shoots with them and he’s been such a hypocrite.

“But unfortunately at this stage you need both parents’ permission, so I just want to put it out there that he’s incredibly selfish and the kids miss out on it.

“I don’t know why he’s doing it.”

But writing in her OK! column today, Emily talked about introducing hers and Pete’s daughter Amelia, five, to the world of showbiz after taking her to see him in concert.

Emily, who also shares two-year-old Theodore with her husband, said: “The whole thing is a weird concept because to her Pete has always just been her dad, and because she hasn’t been in the public eye I think it’s quite hard for her to understand.

“When she’s old enough she can decide if she wants to go into that side of things. I’m not sure what age that is yet, but I’m sure it will become clear as they get older.