EastEnders fans horrified by Nazi swastika spray painted on Dot Branning’s door

EASTENDERS fans were left horrified last night by a Nazi swastika spray painted on Dot Branning’s door.

Viewers have hit out at the shocking scene that saw Dr Legg seemingly killed by the horror of seeing the evil symbol on the door of the house he is currently living in

One viewer tweeted their hurt at the scene, writing: “That hurt. That physically hurt. #eastenders

“It’s Friday night. I appreciate it’s Shabbat so we shouldn’t have the tele on (lol) but we’re all sitting as a family and get confronted by a Nazi symbol on screen. Ta #eastenders”

A second viewer tweeted to blast the “distressing” scene writing: “Bring back to only openly Jewish character to maybe kill him off after seeing a swastika. Nice.

“That last scene was incredibly distressing. Will watch closely to see where this story goes. Often good intentions, bad execution. #eastenders”

A third said: “Tonight’s #eastenders was just not ok. Watching a drone fly around for ages and a bunch of kids moan about football inbetween a swastika and a poor old man crying his eyes out. It was boring, cringy and then uncomfortable. Antisemitism could have been shown in a much better way.”

A fourth tweeted the show to say: “@bbceastenders I’m so angry at the ending you just gave to Dr Legg, what kind of disgusting ideas goes on in your writing department to kill of Dr Legg looking at a Swastika. No way would you do that sort of thing to any other religion. I’m disgusted. #EastEnders”

Another horrified viewer tweeted: “Are you flippin serious @bbceastenders

“Dr Legg’s been in #eastenders longer than these current useless scriptwriters have been born. He deserves more respect than you have shown tonight with this insulting swastika ending. How dare you. Lower than low.”

Another called the storyline “sick”, writing: “So eastenders writers are dragging the bottom of the pile with recent storylines! #petelawson writer on eastenders! Swastika on dots door where a Jewish doctor is staying!!! Get a f***ing grip and engage your brain! How the hell is that light ent? People lost loved ones Sick!”

Other fans were glad the show was raising the issue of anti-semitism.