Driver who rowed with garage about repairs on £110,000 Audi R8 finds graffiti mocking his willy size on bumper

A CAR owner who rowed with a garage about repairs on his £110,000 Audi found graffiti mocking his willy size hidden inside a bumper.

Dan Barnett, 42, returned his R8 three times to the Audi dealer claiming they damaged a bumper and a dashboard.

When he removed the bumper 18 months later to do some repairs himself he found the hidden rude messages. One read: “If only my penis was as penis shaped as my car.”

A second said: “I love c*** and my one is tiny I drive R8” Two others said “I am a d**k” and “I have a tiny d**k that is why I drive fast.”

Company boss Dan has now reported Sytner Audi, of Reading, Berks, to police claiming it was criminal damage. Dan said: “At first I laughed because it is quite funny.

“But that soon turned to anger that they could do this. This isn’t a cheap runaround. They damaged the car and thought they’d get away with it.”

The married dad of six splashed out on the second-hand 205mph sports car after a test-drive.

But when he went to pick it up weeks later he found paintwork on the rear bumper damaged and the dashboard and an alloy wheel scratched.

Dan returned the car three times before the bumper was finally sprayed to his satisfaction. He said finding the secret messages was the final straw.

He added: “I can’t believe this is how they treat customers.”

Audi said: “We apologise for any upset. An investigation is ongoing.”