Don’t let cervical cancer take your loved ones — urge them to get checked

WHEN Jade Goody died a decade ago of cervical cancer, it prompted nearly half a million more women than usual to go for a smear test.

Dubbed “the Jade Goody effect”, the TV personality’s death at 27 was a stark reminder of how important it is to go for screening appointments.

The Sun launched Jade’s Legacy, a campaign to encourage women to attend these vital checks, which contributed to the huge increase.

Sadly, ten years on, Jade’s ­legacy is forgotten. The number of women going for screenings has fallen to its lowest level since records began and one in three is overdue a smear test.

Now Fabulous Daily and Jo’s Trust, the cervical cancer charity, are launching the #CheersForSmears campaign.

Early detection of cervical cancer can save your life.

Sadly, of the 3,200 women diagnosed with it every year in the UK, one in three will die.

So girls make sure you keep up to date with your smear tests it could save your life