Donald Trump Protesters leave central London looking like a ‘rubbish tip’

Anti-Trump protesters left central London looking like a “rubbish tip” after placards and food packages were left strewn across the streets, people working nearby have said.

Thousands of activists took to the streets of the capital to protest against the state visit of President Donald Trump on Tuesday for the second day of his state visit.

Protesters packed into Trafalgar Square before marching to Parliament Square in what organisers were calling a “Carnival Of Resistance” against the president.

However, once the crowds left, Whitehall was left littered with discarded signs, plastic and food waste.

Richard Johnson, who works in the area, said he was shocked to find the road in central London looked like “a teenager’s bedroom.”

The area was littered with protest signs, discarded bottles, fast food containers, and half-eaten meals,” he said.

Someone even had a go at spray-painting the road itself.”

He said streets had been cleaned up ahead of the state visit and were “spotless” before the protesters arrive.

He added: “The waste collector people had worked extremely hard to make it as spotless as they could.

In the space of a couple of hours, it went from looking fantastic to a rubbish tip.”