Devastated mum ‘dies of heartbreak’ months after ‘monster husband raped and killed their daughter

A DEVASTATED mum who fell into a deep depression after her husband allegedly raped and strangled their six-year-old daughter has “died of heartbreak”.

Dad-of-two Yaroslav Oleinikov, 28, will shortly stand trial for the rape and murder of Veronika, whose body was found with her favourite toy – a rattle – wrapped around her neck.

Six months ago, Veronika was found hanging from a fence in the courtyard near the family’s house in the city of Rostov-on-Don in south-western Russia.

Donday reports that the girl was killed while her mum, Anna Zubko, 27, was at her cleaning job at a local supermarket.

Neighbours told the news website that they saw multiple police cars at the address.

Oleinikov was charged with rape and murder, and taken into custody after a forensic examination found that the girl had been sexually assaulted several times, before being strangled to death and hanged.

The couple were described as “reclusive” by neighbours, who said that they never had visitors to their home, and rarely spoke with those living nearby.


Friends of the family told Rostov that the couple had long had a strained relationship, and that during quarrels, Oleinikov had allegedly “often” beaten his wife.

Donday reports that they were suffering financial difficulties – Oleinikov was unemployed – but decided to have another child, a boy, who was born three years ago.

After the funeral of her daughter, Anna was deprived of parental rights and her son, Ivan, was placed in an orphanage.

As a result of her daughter’s death, and the loss of contact with her boy, Anna – who was said to have always dreamed of having a husband and children – fell into a severe depression, says Donday.

Her mental state made her indifferent to her physical health.

When she became ill with a cold soon after the tragedy, she did nothing to treat it.

Donday reports that she “closed in on herself, and fell into a severe depression”.

Her illness worsened and her health took another blow when she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

However, by the time Anna sought medical help, it was too late, and she died of pneumonia six months after the death of her beloved daughter.

A male neighbour of the family said: “The family had an isolated life. The murdered girl did not attend a kindergarten for some reason and could barely speak.

“Though I have never seen the parents be drunk or arguing with each other.”

Oleinikov is to stand trial soon.

If found guilty of his daughter’s rape and murder, he faces up to 20 years in prison.