Depressed mum treated her son, 5, to McDonald’s Happy Meal then killed him and herself

A DEPRESSED mum treated her five-year-old son to a McDonald’s Happy Meal before tying their hands together and jumping to their death, an inquest has heard.

Emma Sillett, 41, took son Jenson Spellman for some food before driving to Valehouse Reservoir in the Derbyshire Peak District to end their lives in November last year.

Chesterfield Coroner’s Court heard that Jenson was found facing his mum and had been “tied to her by his wrist”.

The social worker left an emotional note in her car which explained she was tethering herself to her son because she could not bear the thought of him “drifting away”.

Detective Constable Rebecca Fearon told the inquest: “She had a rucksack on her back which contained rocks.”

During the hearing, the court also heard that Sillett had struggled for years with depression and had previously suffered three miscarriages.

Her suicide note made it clear she wanted to end her life, but could not stand the thought of leaving her son to face life without her.

Jenson’s toy and torch were found near the water’s edge, but the search was called off once it became dark outside.

A specialist underwater team returned the next day and found Emma and Jenson’s bodies.

The court was told toxicology tests showed neither had any injuries and no traces of any drugs were found in their systems.

DC Fearon said officers found a mobile phone inside, along with the remains of a Happy Meal, a handbag and purse.

She also said letters found in the car referred to Sillett taking her life and the best way to commit suicide “without causing pain or distress”.

DC Fearon added: “It was clear she battled with thoughts of suicide, but had also battled with continuing to live.”

Other items that were found by officers include a number of handwritten letters.

In one of the letters, Sillett spoke about taking pills, but also talked about “wanting to jump into water near her car”.

The letter reportedly mentioned taking Jenson with her.

DC Fearon added that in the letter, Sillett had battled with what to do and had penned that she had tried to save Jenson “from this world”.

DC Fearon said: “She said she could not stand the thought of Jenson living without her. She talked about never wanting to put him through a life of pain and being bullied and singled out.

“And she said she wanted to tie him to her because she did not want him drifting away from her.”

Other letters were addressed to family members, apologising for what she was about to do and explaining why she had killed her son.

The inquest was told a series of personal tragedies including three miscarriages between 2015 and 2017 and how the sudden death of her older brother Jonathan had contributed to her mental health problems.