Dead Jeremy Kyle Show guest Steve Dymond ‘was a PAEDOPHILE says his estranged-wife

THE estranged wife of the man found dead in a suspected suicide after appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show claims he was a paedophile.

Dianne Healing says Steve Dymond killed himself because he was scared of being exposed as a child sex fiend.

She even celebrated his death on social media.

Dianne married Dymond in October 2004 after they met when he drove past her and asked her for a date.

But they split up four months later after he was arrested by the police for alleged paedophilia.

The mum-of-two, from Poole, Dorset, claims Stephen, who was questioned but never charged with any offence, may have “preyed” on his victims and added she feared he may have even committed bigamy while married to her.

Unemployed Dianne, 48, said: “He killed himself because he was frightened of the truth coming out– the truth that he sexually molested a child.

“He’s being treated as a martyr but I want people to know what he was really like. He’s actually a paedophile.

Seeing all the coverage has brought back the trauma. Seeing how people feel sorry for him, it’s soul-destroying.

He was disgusting and vile and a prolific liar. The people feeling sympathy have no idea what he was like.

“There was lie after lie after lie.

“I think he took advantage of me because he was 15 years older than me when I met him.

She claimed police arrested Stephen, who was found dead at his bedsit last week after failing a lie detector test on the ITV show, over the allegations but he was released when they said they would not have enough evidence to charge him.

It is thought that he had been dead for a number of days, according to ambulance officials.

A no-bail arrest warrant was also issued in February after he failed to appear in a court case at Southampton magistrates court.

He had been ordered to pay almost £6,000 compensation for two counts of theft in 1997, after he took a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.

The magistrates court confirmed that he was due before the court on February 14 for the non-payment of £4,329 but failed to show.

She said: “After he was arrested he was housed in safe house about 15 minutes away from me.

“I was screaming that he was a nonce and a paedophile. I was so angry and I hated him.”

Dianne then cut contact with Stephen – and had no further dealings with him until The Sun revealed his death this week.

She said: “The police spoke to me and said that the reason I wasn’t informed is because his next of kin was his brother and his son.”