Danny snubs Molly-Mae as he decides to crack on with Yewande

DANNY Williams will solidify his romance with Yewande Biala in tonight’s episode of Love Island.

The 21-year-old model will snub fellow newcomer Molly-Mae Hague in favour of the scientist in upcoming episodes of the ITV2 dating show, as he insists she is bringing out the “good” in him.

In a private conversation, Danny gushes: “Settling in to the villa, I feel like you’ve been such as massive part of that for me. The nerves just went because I’m getting to know you. You’re bringing a good side out of me and I just wanted to say thank you for that.”

With the news there will be two new arrivals in the villa, Yewande is fearing the worst.

In a preview clip the 23-year-old said: “Everything is starting to look like its going well and then this. You should be worried for me, I am worried for me.”

But Danny reassures her his head will not be turned. He said: “I cant see my head being turned at all.”

Trust me, I am interested in you. All I have done is enjoy myself in here and laugh and that is largely because of you”, he continued.

Yewande went on to reveal her true feelings for Danny.

She coyly replied: “Since you’ve came in, maybe there has been a spring in my step. Obviously, when I went on a date with you I felt really comfortable and I just felt there was an instant connection. I’m happy that you’re here.

“I want things to happen organically.”

Danny continued to open up to Yewande – who is coupled up with Michael – about where his head is at, although viewers think he is playing a game by coupling up with her.

He added: “I like how things are going with us. I’m getting butterflies. How am I feeling like this about someone I met three days ago?”

Yewande and Danny enjoyed their first date as soon as he entered the Spanish abode on Sunday night’s episode, and they immediately hit it off.