Dame Barbara Windsor’s heartbroken husband says her Alzheimer’s is so severe that ‘he can’t leave her by herself’

DAME Barbara Windsor’s husband Scott Mitchell has revealed her Alzheimer’s is now so severe that he “can’t leave her by herself any more”.

He said the TV legend, 81, was often confused about where she was and requires 24-hour care.

Scott, 55, said: “She needs me all the time. Life has changed drastically for her.

“I have to tell Barbara where she is when she’s in our front room. She asks if she’s been there before.

“She realises she doesn’t work any more and doesn’t do the things she used to.

“The disease is shutting out her life and her memories. It’s heartbreaking to watch.”

He and eight of her former EastEnders co-stars — calling themselves Barbara’s Revolutionaries — are training for the London Marathon on April 28 to raise £100,000 for Dementia Revolution.

The campaign was set up by Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Alzheimer’s Society

The couple posed in T-shirts and Babs even recorded a video urging backing for her hubby.

In separate campaign footage, she and Scott poignantly watch a message of support from her old Albert Square pals before training.

Sadly, her condition means she recalls little of the crusade and race preparations.

Scott said: “I have to remind Barbara a lot that we are running the marathon.

“When I tell her the team from EastEnders is doing it, she clicks in.

“Then she laughs and says, ‘You? Running a marathon?’. But she’s incredibly proud and touched that her old friends are supporting her.

“It’s so moving. They have busy lives But it means the world to us having incredible friends who want to help.”

The star was secretly diagnosed in 2014. She and Scott first told the world in a Sun interview last May.

Scott told yesterday how Babs was aware of her condition. He revealed: “Barbara asks, ‘Do people know I’ve gone a bit doolally?’.

“She didn’t want to accept it at first. I had to keep it a secret as Barbara wasn’t talking about it.

“You understand because who would want to take that on board? But it was noticeable and became incredibly hard for me to hide.” However, he said that despite her worsening condition, they still share light-hearted moments at their London home.

Scott, who wed Babs in 2000, added: “We don’t live in continual misery. We chat, we laugh, we watch the telly, we make each other giggle.

“There is life still going on. It’s just interspersed with very difficult moments.”

He urged the Government to boost funding for Alzheimer’s research.

And he revealed that focusing on Babs’ plight helps him through tough race training he began three months ago.

He said: “When I get tired and think I want to stop, I think of telling Barbara where she is. That gets me through the pain barrier.

“I’m praying Barbara can be there at the finishing line. It would be the icing on the cake to see her there.”

EastEnders stars also set to run include Adam Woodyatt, who plays Ian Beale, Natalie Cassidy (Sonia Fowler) and Jake Wood (Max Branning).

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