Dad ‘killed his son, 2, by leaving tot in hot room with no water for 17 hours

A DAD is facing murder charges after allegedly leaving his two-year-old son in a hot room with no way out and without water for 17 hours.

The man, known only as Benjamin S., 31, was arrested after emergency services responded to reports of a lifeless child inside his home in the German city of Essen, local media said.

When rescuers arrived, they reportedly found the father shouting: “My child is dying, come up quickly.”

According to local media, it was not the father who had made the emergency call.

When paramedics reached the third-floor property, they were unable to revive the child.

It has also been reported that other family members were in the home at the time, but it has not been confirmed who they were.

Temperatures in Germany have reached the high 30s in recent days.

Police spokesman Christoph Wickhorst said: “The postmortem showed the child died as a result of circulatory failure after going into heat shock.

“There were also signs of a strong lack of fluid intake in the body.

“It is possible the child was not given anything to drink over a long period of time.”

The child is alleged to have been kept in a hot room for between 17 and 18 hours and had no way of getting out, German newspaper Bild reported.

The boy’s parents are separated and his 21-year-old mother, known as Angelina B., is thought to have been staying with another man at the time of the incident.

She was also arrested but was released the following day.

Public Prosecutor Elke Hinterberg branded the father’s actions “barbaric”, adding that the child had been put through “unimaginable suffering”.

Benjamin was remanded in custody facing murder charges.

The boy’s two siblings, aged one and four years old, were also staying with the father and were handed over to social services.

According to local media, the family were known to social services.

Neighbour Christian M., 44, said: “I was sometimes woken up by the screaming from the apartment.

“On 9th June I notified social services. They told me next time to call the police.”

He said that around two weeks later, but said the police failed to act after visiting the family.

“They came to me and asked what they should do,” he said.

“They could not find any injuries to the children.

“It seemed like they were making accusations.”

At the height of the UK’s recent heatwave, Public Health England were forced to issue an amber health alert and warn the public to be ready to recognise the first signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

A dad in New York is currently facing counts of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide after allegedly leaving his two babies in a car in 30C heat.

Juan Rodriguez, 39, is reported to have forgotten to drop the twins at day care on his way to work, and to have left them on the back seat of his car from 8am to 4pm.

The children were found foaming at the mouth after a bystander called 911.

A family friend said of the Iraq War veteran: “[He’s] an amazing guy. He’s always been there for his kids. Always.

“This is just a horrible situation. The family isn’t doing so well.”

Last month, an 18-month-old in Essex had to be rescued after being left in a hot car for over an hour in 25C heat.

Firefighters were called and had to smash a window after passersby heard the toddler crying from inside a lock Nissan X-Trail.