Couple orders corn on the cob at a takeaway – and are given sweetcorn in a bread roll

A COUPLE ordered corn on the cob at a take-away — and got sweetcorn in a bread roll.

Paige Hart, 24, and William Maddock, 32, spotted the gaffe only when they took it home.

The corny blunder at their regular kebab shop is because “cob” is a local word for a roll.

Carer Paige said of the Nottingham mix-up: “We’d been to a pub and on the way home popped in at about 10.30pm.

“We ordered our usual half-chicken combo, kebab and chips. But I fancied corn on the cob.

“William said they wouldn’t sell them, but I asked if they did. The man behind the counter said, ‘Yes, my darling’.

“The total was around £12 and we paid £2 for what we thought was corn on the cob.

“But we got home and were gobsmacked. We thought it was a joke. Now I think he was oblivious to it. There was probably a language misunderstanding too.

“I didn’t eat it as it didn’t look nice

But we didn’t ask for a refund as it was a mistake — an amusing one. We’ll keep using the shop. But I doubt we’ll order corn on the cob again.”

The couple also tweeted a snap of their order.

Decorator William said: “Once we got over the shock we found it funny.” The Grill Town shop was unavailable for comment.