Coronation Street spoilers: Real thief of Audrey Roberts’ savings ‘revealed’

The bank are refusing to reimburse Audrey the money – but could she get it back after discovering who has stolen it?

Audrey Roberts will be left horrified as she appears to discover who really stole her £80,000 savings on Coronation Street .

On Wednesday’s episode, Audrey tells David that the bank are refusing to reimburse her the money that was stolen.

But Audrey is left with food for thought after finding out that Claudia’s salon is closed while she is having her extension built.

The salon owners have it out at one another as Audrey accuses Claudia of stealing her money

And later, Audrey makes sure to warn Ken about Claudia.

Back at Number 8, Nick tries to stop Audrey from reporting Claudia to the police

But his advice is ignored and Audrey still ends up calling the police

Has Audrey finally found the true culprit? Or has she got it all wrong?

*Coronation Street airs at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV