Coronation Street killer Clayton Hibbs returns to the Cobbles 18 months after stabbing Kylie Platt to death

CORONATION Street killer Clayton Hibb has been pictured looking bruised and battered as he attends the funeral of a friend.

Callum Harrison, who plays the nasty character, was pictured for the first time on set filming upcoming scenes ahead of Clayton’s dramatic return to the Cobbles – 18 months after stabbing Kylie Platt to death

In 2016, viewers watched as Clayton was sentenced to 15 years in prison for Kylie’s murder but circumstances have changed and he’s been released.

Wrapping up for the shoot, he was pictured in an oversized cobalt blue padded jacket, which featured “ITV Studios and Coronation St.” embroidered badge, while carrying a water bottle.

The actor was pictured with a number of faux-cuts over his cheek and forehead.

Clayton’s mother Shona Ramsey, played by Julia Goulding, was pictured in a similar red coat for the shoot with Rev Billy Mayhew, played by Daniel Brocklebank.

Clayton last appeared on the Cobbles in 2017 when his mother visited him in prison.

Yesterday, Coronation Street fans were given a glimpse at the drama ahead in a new teaser which showed Clayton released from prison to receive urgent hospital treatment.

The new trailer shows a teary-eyed Shona being escorted into a hospital room where Clayton lies unconscious.

With a large bruised eye socket and a busted lip, it looks like Clayton might have been beaten by a fellow prisoner

But while his release is likely to only be temporary, his return could spell issue for mum Shona’s relationship with David – the widower of murdered Kylie.

Late last year, Corrie boss Iain MacLeod confirmed that David Platt and Shona Ramsey’s relationship will be thrown into question when Clayton returned to the soap.

Kylie’s husband David ended up falling for Shona, not realising she was Clayton’s mother.

Although it nearly split them up, the pair have gone from strength-to-strength – however that could all change with his return.

He told Digital Spy: “We’ve got a story where Clayton will rear his ugly, criminal head.

“He throws a massive spanner in the works for David and he tries to embroil Shona in a plot to smuggle drugs into prison. It becomes a story about Shona and her son and throws into question David and Shona’s relationship.

“Clayton has been locked up and it provides the biggest challenge to David and Shona’s relationship since the Josh story.”