Cops hunt two teenage yobs who trashed a D-Day war memorial

COPS are hunting for two teenage boys who wrecked a D-Day war memorial and destroyed flower beds.

Horrific images show the pair trashing the plants in Gosport, Hampshire with one teen caught just as he boots some plants.

The local who captured the teens initially saw a group of seven at the memorial, making a fire on the grass.

Wishing to remain anonymous, she said: “There were a group of five girls and two boys who made a fire on the grass. Next thing I heard was a lot of noise and I looked out to see one of the boys kicking out the plants.

“It was absolutely appalling to witness.”

Another resident, Stephen Walker, added: “These kids need to be made an example of.

“The flowers were planted for those that lost their lives and gave these kids the freedom they have today yet this is the respect they get.”

Locals claim they are unable to speak out as they have been left in fear of groups of teens who gather each night right outside their homes.

One man, a former police officer, revealed he had even been headbutted when challenging misbehaving teens.

He said: “I was headbutted recently when I challenged them about their behaviour.

“The language they use is appalling, bins have been set on fire, criminal damage caused and there is often underage drinking.

“Parents need to take more responsibility. The boys should be made to replant the flowers and the parents pay for it.”

Another local claimed the teens forced his son’s boat into a nearby ditch.

He said: “They were rocking back and forth on it and it was going to break.”

The shocking war memorial damage comes less than a month after a large group of teenagers clashed with police at the pretty Hardway slipway, where families go to enjoy splashing around in the water.

CCTV footage captured a young boy sitting on the bonnet of a police car last month, while others surrounded the vehicle.

Now, after the latest damage to the war memorial site, local residents have urged police to take action.

Local Liam Stickler said: “It is disgusting, these kids have no respect for anyone. They have also left broken glass and rubbish surrounding the memorial.”

A Hampshire police spokesman said: “We can confirm we received a report of criminal damage in Priory Road, Gosport. Damage had been caused to the flower beds around the anchor and the Canadian War Memorial.”