Celebs being illegally sold STI drugs online after being too embarrassed to go to NHS clinics

CELEBRITIES are being illegally sold STI drugs online after being too embarrassed to visit NHS clinics.

A rogue salesman admitted selling the unlicensed drugs to “famous people” in the UK after bringing them over to Britain from his uncle’s pharmacy abroad.

A BBC reporter saw an advert online and later agreed to pay him £15 for antibiotics after claiming to have contracted chlamydia.

The reporter met the salesman, named Anthony, at a coffee shop near Clapham Junction, South West London.


He was given more tablets for £25 and was told to drink “lots of water” and to not “participate in any sexual activity” or consume alcohol.

Anthony said: “I’ve had quite a lot of famous people contact me. But it’s mainly just chlamydia and gonorrhoea.”

He said: “There you go, there are the tablets mate. These ones here, take four tablets, take them all at once.

“These ones here are doxycycline. Once, twice a day, lots of water, no alcohol whatsoever.

And do not partake, participate in any sexual activity as well.”


However, a doctor confirmed that the tablets were not the “recommended treatment” she would have prescribed.

Dr Meg Boothby said: “That wouldn’t be what we would prescribe according to our guidelines.

“For second-line treatment you may use doxycycline but it wouldn’t be in the doses that were prescribed.”

Dr Suneeta Soni, of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV, said the dosages were wrong.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency added that the sale was illegal because the vendor did not have a UK licence.

When approached by the BBC Anthony didn’t provide a comment and was seen running away from the camera crew.

The full story appears on BBC Inside Out at 7.30pm tonight on BBC One in the West Midlands and on the iPlayer.